Community Council

The Community Council consists of parents who have volunteered their time and effort to invest into our school and community. The Community Council works closely with the Principal, Parish Priest, staff and parents and provides leadership to the wider school community. 

The Community Council Constitution, 2010.

Community Council Meetings - Calendar 2019

All meetings are held in our school library.

Term 1

Week 8 - Tuesday, 26 March, 6pm

Term 2

Week 3 - Tuesday, 14 May, 6pm

Term 3

Week 3 - Tuesday, 6 August, 6pm

Term 4

Week 3 - Tuesday, 29 October, 6pm

Week 8 - Tuesday, 3 December, 6pm

Calendar of Events from the Community Council

March - 16th Saturday. Fete

End of March/Beginning April - Bulbs

April - Hot Cross Buns

May - Mother's Day Stall

August - Saturday 17th - Trivia Night

August - Father's Day Stall

September - Friday 13th: Dads footy & Pie Night on the weekends of the NRL and ARL finals

October - Walkathon

November - 15th, Ladies Spring Fling