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Council members who are appointed by the community play a vital role in ensuring that the Council and the various Committees work harmoniously for the school. While on the Council they exercise an individual discernment in Council decisions. They are bound by Council decisions and maintain the confidentiality of the Council. 

Election of Council members is held at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the start of each year. To begin the process, written nominations are called one week prior to the AGM. Elections will be held at the AGM, and Coordinators for the various Committees will also be sought.


Jessica Adelan-Langford Chair
Carolyn Keily Deputy Chair
Vic Withington Treasurer
Sara Cooper Secretary
Michael McIntyre Canteen
Tanya Jackson Uniform Shop
Sonia Rankin Parent Representative Coordinator
Sarah McGrath ELC Representative
Cameron Reed Principal
Gabrielle Adams ELC Director
Verna Comley Staff Representative

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Facebook page: St Jude's Community Council


The Chairperson is elected from the Council by its members. The Chairperson of the Council is a significant leader in the school community and holds great responsibility. The Chairperson is the key to the Council meeting’s success. The Chair is responsible for the leadership of the Council. He/she will chair the meetings and liaise closely with the Principal and Parish Priest.

Deputy Chair

The Deputy Chairperson is elected from the Council members. The Deputy Chair assists the Chair to lead and manage the affairs of the Council and will chair meetings in the absence of the Chair.


The Secretary is elected from the Council by Council members. The Secretary will record accurately the minutes of the meeting, in collaboration with the Chair and the Principal, assists the Chair and the Principal in the preparation of the agenda and ensures that agenda items are advertised prior to the meeting.


The Treasurer is elected from the Council by Council members. The Treasurer works with the Principal to ensure that the Council is kept fully informed about the areas of its financial responsibility.

Page updated: 5 March 2021